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Jim Tice

Yay McNair! Love doodling, thanks for encouraging and inspiring us to doodle and use it to feed our creativity.

My favourite restaurants are the ones with the brown drawing paper on the table and a cup full of crayons. Some people think the crayons are for kids, I guess they are if you include us "children of all ages" as they used to say at the circus.

Whenever I preach or teach I encourage people not just to take notes but to doodle as well. I believe it helps them to listen, think and dream beyond what they're hearing. It's fun when they show me the doodles later!

mcnair wilson


My friend Dawn's book really was the breakthrough: "DOODLE" is the perfect word for taking the fear out of encouraging the "non-creative", "non-artistic" to keep a sketchbook. The word "journal" implies words and a daily diary submission. Even the best journals are on "blank" (NO LINES) pages...ergo: "sketchbook."

Doodle On!

Ms Muffin

Thanks so much for this post! I do consider myself a creative person. Still, I had not yet found a good way to store ideas and projects I have in my head. I actually already had a kinda-doodle book - but I would only draw those projects in there that were already finished in my head. Those just ideas or inspirations ... I had no place where to put them. And I also often come across other things that inspire me - like words, sayings, pictures in magazines. Never knew where to put those. I can't believe how easy the solutions is and that I never even considered to just put it all in a book. And the weirdest thing - I already had a blank notebook sitting in my living room shelf. Just waiting to be used!
I am really happy now that I have a place where to put EVERYTHING that pops in my mind. Regardless whether it's just fragments, words, lines, sewing ideas or an idea for writing ... or blogging or whatever! I think I am going to enjoy this so much! I can't tell you how glad I am that I stumbled upon this post!


Great post! I'm 36 and was recently was diagnosed with ADD. I'm using it as an opportunity to re-imagine how I do my work. I'm done with linear thinking, project management plans, and black and white agendas. I've been "drawn" to the art of storyboarding, mind mapping, and doodling in the last few months. It is so exciting to dream about the possibilities of riding the waves of my ADD instead of fighting it. It is all still new, so I find myself staddling between the linear world and the sketch book world. My challenege is taking the dreams and drawings from the sketch book and making them a reality in a world of linear thinkers. Thank you for sharing your drawings and dreams with, they have been so helpful and inspiring!

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