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Ian Durias

Welcome aboard!

Steve K.

You + Compassion International = Crazy Delicious

Congrats, McNair!

Heidi Renee


Yippee! Doing the snoopy dance with you McNair! Such wonderful news! Close to Judy & Wes - what fun! We will be praying!

Dan Olson

I echo that 'WOOHOO!' Of all the international groups in the all the world trying to help all the people in said world with all necessities all the time, you had to work your way into mine. Rather, one that I really enjoy ;) I'm glad to hear that you're in with the good folks of a finely tuned ministry. I wish you the best, and I hope Colorado is as lovely to you as I wish it was for me!

Wes Roberts

...welcome home!

...indeed...welcome home!!!

...your Colorado family awaits you!!

...somewhere in the Bible is the inference that the mountains are the sanctuary of God...so it's about time you moved closer to Him. :-)

...this was a great post, McNair...thanx!

Soni Cido

WOW! How EXCITING McNair~! I'm totally trilled. I was praying for you whenever I come across one of your books or your video on my shelf. You are such a great person and this YOB will totally benefit from your presence (not to mention everyone you are about to develop relationships with-I envy them).
If I ever have cash flow I can count on, I'll totally sign up-over the years, I have often wondered which charity I would use. Thank you for the info.
And you are going to be RIGHT THERE for the Christian Writer's Conference!!!! Even though I wish you were moving to Tucson, I love Colorado! you are so blessed!


So exciting! Super huge Congrats, McNair!

Michele Cushatt

Congrats, McNair. All of us in Colorado are glad to have you. Looking forward to catching up again soon!


I have heard wonderful things about you and am looking forward to meeting you! I work with Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Barnes in the marketing department.

Have a blessed holiday season and a safe trip here!

Meredith Dunn

Jim Tice

What a fantastic opportunity for you and Compassion too! Love what C.I. does and look forward to hearing about your adventures there.

Will continue to pray for your transition and connecting in Colorado Springs.

Don't forget the sharpies!



I attended the 50 year anniversary celebration for Compassion in Colorado Springs. They took us on a journey through what the next 50 years might look like ending in a news story of a Compassion sponsored girl who grew up to become president of her African country. That was the best portrayal of a vision that I have ever seen. I left with the feeling "I want to sponsor that girl right now!"

I no longer live in Colorado, but hopefully will get a chance to come visit and will add a stop at Compassion to my list of things to do.


Very excited the landing has happened and looking forward to hearing more.


Yeah - that is awesome!


Awesome! Amazing! Wonderful! That's YOU! :)

Misty P

I recently started sponsoring a Compassion child! How wonderful!

Tina Parker

Congratulations! May your compassion shine as brightly as your talent and enthusiasm. I look forward to hearing more.

I hear Colorado is a pretty wonderful place to walk.


:D Let me join in the celebratory congratulations! YEAH! I'm glad you're coming to CO. I've been looking forward to seeing you again. I believe in you and I believe in Compassion International. What a team! We've been sponsors through CI for years. I'm glad all of the prayers sent up for you over the past year of job searching are producing fruit that you're excited about. Have you ever heard of flylady.net? Her "27 fling boogie" worked wonders for me and my decluttering self. Best wishes as you lighten your load over the next month. You can do it! :)


Blessings! Blessings! Blessings! I would like to think that even creative YOU will be surprised by what God will show you next.


Congrats McNair!! My wife and I are on our 3rd Compassion child. We've been sponsoring children with them since 1987. We love getting updates from the kiddos! You'll bring a lot of life and fun to Colorado Springs. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Gene Jennings


Hey McNair,

I'm Compassion Australia's Digital Marketing Specialist, & your blog came up on Technorati while I was sussing out this social media platform ... I'm absolutely DELIGHTED that you're coming on board to the Compassion family!!! My God-given passion is stage performance - I LOOOOVE singing, dancing, acting & directing! (Not quite experienced in designing theme parks, but YAY anyways!) What an asset you'll be at GMC, to educate our supporters on our responsibilities in communicating with the field & in bringing their support to it! Again, welcome on board!!!


Juli Jarvis

Welcome to Compassion's ministry! You're going to love the GMC!

scott stover


Please don't purge the 100's of Be Our Guest cards you must have collected over the years. We have Chick-fil-A's in COS! (There are no In-and-Out Burgers that I'm aware of...)



Can't wait to bring my middle schoolers!!!


:) Quite a party going on here!

One more stopping in to say congrats. I got a call from someone at Compassion, making sure I had received a letter from my sponsor child. You know... that's never happened before, and I've had interactions with lots of different groups. They clearly care in a broad way. You will empower and inspire, and we will all benefit. Seems like a great match to me.

Peace (and lift with your knees...)

Suzi Jouvenat

Does this mean that you will get to celebrate your birthday in Colorado???? I'll bring the cake.

I am beaming for you...and for CI! You are both blessed to have each other and make a mighty difference in our world.

You + Compassion International = An Awareness that echo's the lyrics, "It's a Small World After All..."

I am motivated and excited to sponsor a child now! Knowing that YOU are involved, it has got to be the real deal...as you are one of the most authentic people I have ever met.

Bravo McNair, bravo!


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