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Hi McNair, what a fun idea! I am (in no particular order) an artist, mother, wife, volunteer, photographer, jeweler, blog writer and reader, wanderer, book lover, keeper of journals, and a coffee-drinking, tea-sipping expat Texan living in England. I’ve always wanted to participate in a collaborative journal and can’t wait to see how your four books evolve!

Heidi Renee

woo hoo! this new brunswick-er is an early bird, not a night owl! :)

i want to play please!!! i never got to do any art in the real 1000 journal i had my hands on in the film - i just journaled and wrote frantic words in it like "i can't believe ralph is really filming me - gosh i hope my butt doesn't look big..." real deep things like that! :P


Once again I checked in on McNair and found my spirit lifted and life inspired by his work. Another two or three visits and I might figure out the Journal thing. Got to go.......... I heard a noise!

Sherry L.

Sign Me up Scotty! I am a midwesterner who is in between projects. I flit back and forth and sometimes I am in a writing mood and sometimes I am in an art mood and sometimes I am just in a "mood."


Can I please be on the list? Please, Please???? I usually have a journal and a sketchbook going at the same time along with a stack of notecards with a variety of stuff on them in a variety of media. What an opportunity to have it all in one place.


Hi McNair! I'm a writer who hangs out with some cool artists and other writers. It would be fun to start a journal with these folks and then pass it on. I have never believed I could draw...but then I read 2 children's books recently...have you read Dot and Ish by Peter Reynolds? I might just draw a dot or write something poem-ish!



Sounds like you are not asking to be on the list for Journal No.2999, but are inspired to start one with your friends. Go for it! Head over to 1001Journals.com (linked in blog, above) and start your profile, then sign up for a journal number. Couldn't be simpler.

Then YOU select the actual "journal"(lined or unlined. (I prefer lined as it suggests more possibilities than only words.) Let me know how it goes and, if you like, send it to me at some point and I'll contribute a cup of McNair.

"Onword" - Mc


Will do McNair! Let me know where to send it - these folks will fill these pages with great delight. We've already talked about it...and they are ready. Me...I'm nervous. I've been a journal keeper for years...but if I try something like a drawing a flower (flower-power style) someone will see it. Them. You. Drat this fear! However, after visiting here I was hooked on the idea and brought it to them. Certainly this means I need to be as brave as they are. Or fake it. Naw...you give me courage even when I'm shaking in my boots. So...let the journal begin!


My new, permanent, all-the-time, for everything mailing address is:

McNair Wilson
2601-C Blanding Ave. #144
Alameda CA 94501

This is NOT where I live so, stop by, anytime.

I will look forward to seeing and contributing to any journal that comes my way. Be sure to include instructions for where, and to whom, it should be sent next.


P. & S.

By-the-by, my mailing address is ALWAYS available and up-to-date on my personal website:


I do not change very often. My previous San Francisco address I used for more than twelve years and before that I had the same address for nine years.

And, my blog and website are linked to each other.

I am NOT at all difficult to get in touch with or send me journals, chocolate chip cookies, or cash . . . at any time.


I'd love to be a part of this!

Here is a link to some of my work:

Who get's my snail mail address for this??



yes - I would love to work in number #2997 - here is some of what I do:

and I hope to see you in Pleasanton in late August at the Convenzione and with breakfast with Sark . . . and at tea too if I can figure it all out. Thanks for your amazing creative spirit.

Mailing address at my studio:
Emily Townsend/Artstation
148 Monmouth Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520


I would love to participate in this. As I am still without gainful employment I have plenty of time on my hands. I am writing, painting, shooting (with a camera) my way to insanity! woo-hahahaha ;o)


Mmmm... if there's any room left, I'd like to play.
I'm a restoration carpenter, baker, maker of handbags. Traveller, shooter, collector of friends.
And I'm all about story.


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