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....and then, to complete the trifecta, Don Ho dies too! No more BC...Wizard....Vonnegautisms....or Tiny Bubbles.

Bad week


I hadn't heard about Johnny Hart. It was always great to see his boldness in expressing his beliefs freely, not forceful, and well put. He had an incredible sense of humor and human observation. He will be missed. Just think of how he is able to express himself now!
It was also sad to hear about Kurt. Those are some great quotes.

Michael Dennis Stagg

Johnny Hart was a genius inspired by God to see the ridiculous pretensions of modern English and American society and some of the sillies we were taught at School and University in my case usually by staff who pointed out the errors

University College of Wales and City of Bath Technical School.

As an inspiration to Geology hydrology and soils and for those of us who studied ancient Greek history Judaist society Christian Church

and suffered from the glorification of war after 1945

the Americans allowing the Nazis to blow up their country before they blew up the children of Japan using an atomic bomb
the only two used in anger, the others have been tests,

he was brilliant.
I love his Neolithic style
his comments on female male relationhips and the principles of primitive superiority we still survive with today right back through the time of Jesus
which he draws really well
his observations on medicine and psychology
salesmen and his friendship
our endless love of the wheel as described by Ezekial. Round and round in circles (New Seekers 1973).
I used one cartoon to help a Psychlogy graduate by re-drawing to make a point, I shall redo and post that again on web. with reference to his source and Brant.
It also helps my daughter's attempts to stop viruses killing people.

Kipper Williams put the Four Horses of the Apolcalypse arrive in Lloyds Bank Foyer in the The Guardian newspaper

Jesus set before me an open door in research and teaching in hydrology that no one can close Revelation 3.8 1969 by degree qualification UCW.

We owe a lot to Hart and the people alike him who keep our feet on the ground where God put them with our Heads in the clouds however good we are at research we still have a lot to do.

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