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I had written about 2/3rds of my day...in pen rather than pencil. So, right off the bat, I am sent to the back of the class for, yet again, ignoring the instructions. I came back and finished up the day in pencil. It was a struggle but the person could actually read it. It was a bit maddening but, as I started to feel frustration creep in, I relaxed and thought, "dude, you are doing better than you thought." I did gain a little sympathy for lefties who, unless they curl their hand around, have to spend most of the time pushing the writing instrument rather than pulling like we righties do. This was cool. I think that I will do a little of this more often.


Well, no one can read this. I can't read this. I have tried this before when my right arm was in a sling and found that I couldn't do it. But I tried again, it makes me laugh, which is good, but I have no control over that hand. I hope I never lose use of the other. I'm sorry I was behind, but I had finals this week. All done now, one more semester and I will graduate. Today I am checking the board for my grades every hour or so. My profs were supposed to have them posted by 9am. Not.

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