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This past weekend I went to Florence, AL to visit my parents because I won't get to go for Christmas. I was thrilled to get to see my Dad sing in the Christmas program and wished that my Mom had felt up to it. I am so thankful for them. At the end of the program, which was a great blessing, a tribute was made to the very first principal of the school there at the church. Cliff Holland. He was a great man with a quick smile and twinkling blue eyes who loved his Lord and loved us with a firm hand but a great sense of humor. He died this past May, quiet young really only 60. His wife sang at the end of the cantata and an offering was taken establishing a scholarship in his name. I thanked God during that time for Bro. Cliff and I pray that I could in some way impact as many lives for Christ as he did. I graduate in May, as we start this new year, would everyone please pray for me that I know where to send resumes who to submit what to, and that I listen for God's voice? Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Jonathan Gainey

Hello McNair,

I want to think you for featuring the kettle on your blog. As a Salvation Army officer, I can honestly say that it is a powerful tool for raising funds that are very needed. People are so generous in this country, yet we can never receive enough reminders concerning the importance of sharing.

Thanks again for your encouragement and I pray that you will have a very Merry Christmas.

Crepes and peas,

tammy greff

Well, I am a woman of young 39 that put my personal quests on hold for a good dozen years to nurture my four very different, incredibly wonderful and wildly creative children. The pursuit has been well worth it, but two years ago, I decided it was dream fulfillment time for the mommy. I went back to school to finish my teaching degree and in May I will graduate. I have also started to pursue my own endeavors in writing and art again. I hope to publish in the next few years, but moreover, the writing fuels me to be a better mom and teacher. I think one of the most important gifts that we can give youth is that of seeing us pursue our dreams. I know a bit wordy to get to it, but rainbows are out there just waiting.

mcnair wilson



You are so spot on about leading by example in pursuing our own dreams to inspire others -- especially our own children. (I'm still raising my inner child. Mostly he's at the inner principal's office, in trouble.)

I tell adult audiences all the time--re: getting your kids to pursue THEIR dreams-- "Your (parents) unfulfilled dreams are NOT your children's TO DO list."

Keep me posted on your art and book projects and congrats on finishing your degree.

Stop by for tea any time.


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