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C. McNAIR WILSON : : The “C” is silent. It stands for Craig. My paternal grandfather was Clarence McNair Wilson, a.k.a “CM.” I began using McNair as my first name in 1996, having discovered that it means “son of” (Mc) “the servant” (Nair.) It reminds me every day that my life is a service to others.

Professionally I serve others as a corporate creativity coach and conference speaker—with clients from Apple Computer to the Salvation Army. I enjoy assisting others in recapturing their creative spirit from ministry professionals, NASA engineers, medical workers, to educators, parents groups, and media execs from London to LA. I believe everyone has a creative spirit—factory installed—that just needs re-activating. I am determined to get everyone on the active list.

My latest book in my creativity series: "HATCH!: Brainstorming Secrets of a Theme Park Designer." Available on Amazon or sign copies in my online store ($5 cheaper than Amazon!) Here:

My coaching, public speaking, and consulting work draws on skills developed in my professional experience in: live theatre, graphic design, education, illustration & cartooning, creative writing, marketing, and theme park design (read on).

In the THEME PARK world I was a Concept Designer, “thinking up” for entirely new parks and major attractions for existing parks. The majority of this work was on staff as a Disney Imagineer (design teams for 5 new parks): Disney-MGM Studios, Pleasure Island (Adventurers Club, etc.), and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I was lead Imagineer for the concept & design team that dreamt up the now-legendary "Tower of Terror"—now with four locations to scare you. After leaving Imagineering I continued consulting at Disney corporate (6 years) while also working on projects at Universal Studios, Warner Bros., and Sony Entertainment.

At Disney I began to develop and refine the brainstorming, creative coaching, and team building tools that lead to my current work. Also at Disney I began coaching top executives in public speaking. These days I continue to train executives and ministry professionals to take their communications skills to higher levels of effectiveness.

As a PUBLISHED AUTHOR I have written five books, scores of articles and napkin notes. My most recent books: "HATCH! ..." (see link above); "RAISED IN CAPTIVITY: Memoir of a Life Long Churchaholic" More books in the works!

As a CARTOONIST my work has appeared in magazines as diverse as Rolling Stone, The Wittenburg Door and numerous others and framed on the walls of some of the worlds great restaurants.

Meanwhile, my life in the THEATRE (since age five) has included PLAYWRIGHT, penning full-length plays, musicals, and one-man plays: "FROM UP HERE" and "THE FIFTH GOSPEL". My newest, full-length play (with a cast of fifty) is "I,WITNESS" The story of Jesus as told by his friend Levi. It had it’s world premiere, April 2011, at Colorado Christian University, Denver. As an ACTOR I have played roles in everything from Shakespeare to Sondheim musicals. As a theatrical DIRECTOR I have helmed several dozen stage productions including a fully staged "Cyrano de Bergerac" with on-stage cast of sixty-six!

My theatrical work includes stints with the California Shakespeare Theatre, Pasadena Playhouse, Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Co., and Lamb’s Players. I was co-founder of three companies: Orlando Theatre Project, Theater Quest, and SAK Theatre (Artistic Director.) SAK had 40 full-time performers, and produced over 40,000 street theatre shows at EPCOT Center, Disney World (1982-89.)

TRAVEL • My speaking, performing, and ministry have included travel in 38 countries (from Iceland to Tanzania and East Germany to Guatemala) and 49 U.S. States (Alaska, hello!)

I studied graphic design and marketing at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and theatre arts at California State University, San Jose. I have also taught on the college and high school level in the arts and communications. I have served as Guest Direct/Artist-in-Residence at me.

I currently reside in Colorado (with my collections of over 240 hats, 180+political campaign buttons, and three ventriloquist dummies—retired.)

I am available for dinner most nights of the week.

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